Mikhail Krasnyansky – Mykhaylo Krasnyanskyy* (1942), PhD in sphere of Chemistry and Ecology, worked as a professor of the Donetsk Technical University (Ukraine). He is the author of more than 100 scientific articles in Russian, Ukrainian, and English languages as well as five textbooks (in Ukrainian and Russian). He publishes as a journalist in electronic and typographic Russian-language media of Ukraine, Russia, and the USA. Now he lives in the USA with his family. The US citizen.

*(Mikhail Krasnyansky– translation of my name from Russian into English;
Mykhaylo Krasnyanskyy- translation of my name from Ukrainian into English.)

Main Scientific Papers and Textbooks
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Studies of Fundamental Physical-Chemical Mechanisms
and Processes of Flame-Extinguishing by Powder Aerosols

“Fire and Materials”, 32, 2008, p. 27-47

Prevention and Suppression of Explosions in Gas-Air
and Dust-Air Mixtures Using Powder Aerosol-Inhibitor

“Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries”, 19, 2006, p. 729-735

Remote Extinguishing of Large Fires with Powder Aerosols
“Fire and Materials”, 30, 2006, p. 371-382

Ecological Threats Caused by Improper Disposal and Incineration
of Municipal Solid Waste

“International Review of Chemical Engineering”, 3, No. 1, 2011, p. 36-50

Ecological Safety, textbook
(Ukrainian language)
Publishing House "Condor", Kyiv, 2018, 177 pp.

Energy Saving, textbook
(Ukrainian language)
Publishing House "Condor", Kyiv, 2018, 134 pp.

Waste Recycling, textbook
(Russian language)
Publishing House "Burun", Kyiv, 2007, 280 pp.

Your Dangerous House
(Russian language)
Journal “Life safety” (Moscow), No. 10, 2006, 1-16

Main collections of short stories (in Russian)

Unfinished Biography of а Jewish Family. Publishing House "Burun", Kyiv, 2013, 95 pp.
LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) - 2015080138.

The Power Vertical. Publishing House “Folio”, Kharkov (Ukraine), 2015, 141 pp.

Spermatozoon Monologue. Publishing House “Stella-Verlag”, Germany, 2017, 107 pp.
LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) – 2017476365;
KDNN (Katalog der DeutschenNationalbibliothekNumber)- 1067199306.

The New Exodus. Publishing House “Kniga-Sefer”, Israel, 2018, 107 pp.

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