“A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.”
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Mikhail Krasnyansky

The Global Putin’s War Against Western Democracy

I would like to pay attention of the whole world to the huge danger of the Putin’s Russia for the European Union, the United States and the entire Western Democracy, comparable to the global danger of Hitler’s Germany in the 20th century. In the 30s of the last century, the leaders of Europe and America, condoning Hitler, led the world to the 2nd World War. Now history repeats itself with Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin is the successor to Hitler in today's Europe(but adjusted for 21st century technologies.)I’m not talking about the ideology of fascism - Putin doesn’t have this (his ideology can be called “Ruscism”); I’m talking about his Hitlerism, that is, he behaves in Russia and Europe in the style of Hitler. (And Ruscism, like Fascism, is a program for building the REICH - only this time - the Russian one...)

Hitler's Germany

Putin's Russia

Thirst for revenge after defeat in the World War I Thirst for revenge after defeat in the Cold War
Aggressive ideology "Pan-German" Aggressive ideology "Russian World"
Grandiose modernization of the army, aviation and navy Grandiose modernization of the army, aviation, navy, rocket-nuclear Forces
Pompous Olympics, Berlin 1936. Pompous Olympics, Sochi 2014
Destruction of the opposition Destruction of the opposition
The annexation of the Sudeten (Hitler: "The German population of the Sudetenland were and remains the Germans.") The annexation of Crimea. (Putin: “In the heart, in the minds of people, Crimea has always been and remains an integral part of Russia.”)
Organization of provocation (Gleivitz) and the invasion into Poland Organization of provocations and the invasion into Georgia and Ukraine

Creation of assault brigades (Sturmabteilung - SA)

Creation of assault brigades (National Guard)
Slogan: “One people, one Reich, one Fuhrer” (Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer) Slogan: “There is no Putin - there is no Russia.”


The current attempts of the West to “coax” to Putin are the same dangerous as the Munich Agreement at 1938 with Hitler. Putin heads and wages war against Western Democracy and the entire Civilized World (in some places - "hybrid" war, in others - bloody war, when he kills his political opponents in Russia and around the world, occupies the territories of their neighbors who want to build a Western-style democracy - Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova (like Hitler occupied Austria or Czech in 1939-39). Putin is making systematic efforts to elicit and exploit the vulnerabilities of Western Democracy.

Mr. Putin many times and in different forms loudly declared to the West the following: “I'm going to win a war with you and put you on your knees, despite the fact that Russia is inferior to you in all parameters. Because I have one decisive advantage before you: attacking you, I REALLY is ready to use nuclear weapons, but you are not ready. I am ready to kill hundreds of thousands or millions of own and foreigncitizens cold-bloodedly, but you are not. Therefore, you will retreat and capitulate.” (Also note: for America, the most valuable thing is the life of a soldier, but for Putin the life of a Russian soldier is 1 ruble/kg, no more!).The Kremlin has been“training” the USA for several years, working out “a conditioned reflex of capitulation” to the Kremlin’s readiness for unlimited escalation of military aggression (Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Venezuelawhere America was forced to silently admit defeat).

Judging by how Putin supplies the Russian Armed Forces with modern powerful offensive weapons, including rocket-nuclear, how quickly the submarine fleet multiplies, how it forms one new division after another, how he constantly organizes for large-scale military exercises - I have no doubt that Mr. Putin is really preparing for the Big War: he plans at least to capture the whole of Southern and Eastern Ukraine and the Baltic states.(Remember how Hitler intense armed the army in the 1930s and what it led to!)Putin will DEFINITELY unleash the Big War in the coming years, because he has no other way to maintain power in Russia and international influence in the world. Putin is a monster who feeds by your fears.

Alas, America is not ready for a war with Russia, all the more - a war with [Russia+China]. Today's American Armed Forces do not have the experience of a large-scale “ground” war with the enemy army equal (or close) in numbers, firepower and technical equipment. For example, the US Armed Forces have no experience of war when the constant electronic suppression of own means of guidance and communications by the enemy army (including the use of jammers for satellite signals and the generation of false GPS signals), and has no experience of military operations under constant intensive bombardment by powerful multiple rocket launcher systems; American military aviation has no experience counteracting modern air defense systems, such as the Russian S-500. The United States is starting to lag behind Russia in the real equipment of the Armed Forces with unmanned combat aircraft (drones), combat robots, hypersonic missile systems, as well as “military” artificial intelligence systems (including in repelling massive hacker attacks). In addition, Russia regularly holds military exercises with the participation of 50-100 thousand military, and NATO - 3-5 thousand only. (For example: "Vostok-2018" Russian military exercises: about 300 thousand Russian military personnel, more than 1 thousand planes, helicopters and drones, up to 36 thousand tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, up to 80 ships and support vessels are involved; Russian-China military exercises "Center-2019": in total, 128 thousand military and more than 20 thousand units of military equipment took part in the exercises.) Therefore, for military deterrence of Putin’s Russia, America, first of all, must create modernized nuclear weapon including creating of hypersonic rockets with super-powerful nuclear (or thermonuclear) charges of 100, 200 and even 500 megatons of trotyl because Mr. Putin understands the "language of nuclear megatons" ONLY. For example, Russia has developed the newest 100-megaton monster torpedo "Poseidon" to destroy the United States. America must respond to Russia with the development of a 500-megaton bombs and torpedoes – yes! And one more thing: the huge, clumsy, and super-expensive American aircraft carriers, are excellent targets for Russian and Chinese missiles and torpedoes, and they are completely unsuitable for 21st century wars in the triangle USA-Russia-China (also as and super-expensive the US National Missile Defense System).

The future wars will move from obvious conflicts between states to "proxy wars" conducted by armed groups of mercenaries using the latest modern types of mobile weapons, with full denial of involvement by the state. These groups do not act in accordance with international legal standards, i.e. wars are becoming more lawless and unpredictable. This is one of the most dangerous trends of our time, but most world’s leaders do not admit it.

Any Western politician must be aware that one cannot put any faith in any promise made by Putin as well as any international agreement signed by Putin; moreover, in Putin's opinion, only LOSERS observe international agreements, and he despises losers. I.e. it is absolutely impossible and senseless to have any agreements with Putin on any issue. (Here is an incomplete list of international Treaties insolently violated by Putin: The UN Charter; Helsinki Act of 1975; The Paris Charter of 1990; Budapest Memorandum of 1994; The Intermediate-Range Nuclear-Forces Treaty of 1987; International Convention on the Prohibition of the Financing of Terrorism; Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act, 1991; WTO rules; The Montreux Convention; The Olympic Charter; the International Courts' decisions; others.) However, contrary to Putin's contempt for international laws and agreements, presidents and prime ministers many the Democratic countries Europe and Asia stand in line to serve as friends and some even as lackeys for Putin.Many top politicians, financiers, and businessmen of the West gladly participated in the Kremlin’s numerous corruption deals, and therefore they also became part of this huge mafia monster named Kremlin.

The Kremlin is impudent terrorist and cyber terrorist.The terrorist activities of the Kremlin are especially clearly seen in the UK:MI-5 detected Russian trace in death of several people associated with exposure of the Kremlin financial mafia in Great Britain: Stephen Curtis, Stephen Moss, Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko, Alexander Perepilichny and Scot Young were among the murdered; others include Igor Ponomarev, Daniel McGrory, Paul Joal, Mikus Alps, Matthew Puncher, Yuri Golubev, Nikolay Glushkov (he was killed on the second attempt), and Sergei Skripal (he is survivor). Also, by order of the Kremlin, were killed: E. Gebrev (in Bulgaria), Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev (in Qatar), Umar Izmaylov (in Austria), Zelimkhan Khangoshvili (in Germany), Mikhail Lesin (in the USA).(The USA and EU should have long since made ofRussian GRU - the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces -on the list of terrorist organizations.)Cyber-attacks of the Kremlin are organized by GRU (more precisely, its "hacker" unit No. 74455) by direct order from President Putin. The Russian hacker groups - Cozy Bear, Fancy Bear, APT28, Guccifer 2.0, Snake (also known as Turla),Sandworm, Berserk Bear, Dragonfly (or Energetic Bear),Internet Research Agency(IRA, chief is Yevgeny Prigozhin)- intruded in the US elections, in networks of the American electrical grids, etc. Also, according to the analytic firm Graphics, over the past six years, Kremlin agents have flooded the Internet with fake stories in seven languages through 300 social networks as part of a huge disinformation campaign. The USA and EU should include have long since the Russian Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces ("GRU") on the list of terrorist organizations.

Each Russian embassy or consulate abroad is a snake nest of not only spies, but saboteurs and murderers. For example, in Germany, there are now about three thousand active or "sleeping" agents of the Kremlin (mainly in the Russian-speaking diaspora and among former Stasi agents). Their operational center is located in Potsdam (and, of course, at the Russian embassy and consulates in Germany, with more than 300 professional saboteurs and fifty real diplomats). Also, all official "foreign agents" and "lobbyists" associated with Russia must be banned in the United States.

Top Russian intelligence officers (including them in the Russian embassies) are gross suppliers of heavy drugs to Europe and the United States, cooperating closely with the leadership of the Afghan Taliban (heroin) and the military elite of Venezuela (cocaine).

It is assessment of the US National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER): more than one trillion dollars of private Russian assets is in the territory of the USA (“Russian trillion”), and it allows to speak about huge robbery of the Russian budget. For example, luxury property in NYC and Miami serves laundry for laundering dirty "Russian money." Sadly, only the American state of Delaware is laundromat for 300 billion dirty money. In Great Britain, about 90 billion pounds of illegal cash are annually "washing off" (the majority from Russia) through 17 banks of England, including HSBC and Barclays, and get invested in real estate, banks, and businesses. Total, the Russian oligarchs store in UK and in the British offshores (The Virgin and Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, and Bermuda) about 500 billion USD. Corruption leaders from authoritarian countries not only invest their stolen money in the USA and UK, but also bring to Western their dirty morality. But alas! Many American and British firms (financial, legal, real estates) and their top-managers are enthusiastically greeted with dirty money of the America’s and UK’s enemies. (Over the past 25 years, more than $ 1.5 trillion has been withdrawn from Russia to offshore). Again, it is about time for the American, British and EU governments to confiscate all those dirty money through court proceedings.

Other problem: according to the US Department of Homeland Security, in May 2019, more than six thousand Russian students studied in the USA. The visas of all these "toxic" students must be quickly canceled, and these students must leave the United States immediately. (The similar student’s situation is in the UK). In most cases, these are children of the Kremlin elite, which in words so hates the West. It is time to send all of them back to Russia. For example, the grandson of Mr. Zolotov who heads of the Kremlin Guardia and hates the West, studies in England.

Also, I believe that activities of the United Nations Security Council (where Hitler-style aggressor Russia has the right to "veto") as well the entire UN are fully directed against America, but exactly America subsidizes these anti-American activities. Here is the breakdown of contributions by the UN members in its regular budget for 2015 (% for the top 5 contributors): USA – 22%; Japan – 10.8%; Germany – 7.1%; France – 5.6%; Great Britain – 5.2% (compare it with Russia – 2.4%). Per capita GDP (2018) for the United States is $61,000, and for Russia it is only $9,300. Thus, every Russian works 6.5 times worse than an American - so why should America pay for that at the UN? If Russians will work harder and drink less vodka, Russia's GDP grows.

Special agenda item –Ukraine

First of all, this is not a war in Ukraine, this is a war in EUROPE. Ukraine is the Putin's research laboratory, where he receives the answers to the important questions: How deep can the Kremlin check the West for unwillingness to interfere with Kremlin global aggression? How long can the Kremlin ignore and despise the West? Although Putin does not admit it, his “hybrid war” is whole one big lie. It is real HOT WAR! In Eastern Ukraine are over 5,000 Russian soldiers and officers without insignia, plus 30,000 Russian “soldiers of fortune” (paramilitary); there are also over 500 Russian tanks and around 600 artillery systems. Also, Russia concentrated about 50 military ships in the shallow-water Azov Sea around Ukraine coasts. That is why Russia, the country that had annexed Crimea and started the war in Eastern Ukraine, is the main side of the conflict in Ukraine and cannot take part in the Minsk Agreements as an intermediary – this is the equivalent of engaging Hitler’s Germany as an intermediary in 1942 for end World War II. This bloody and villainous “intermediary” named the Kremlin has already killed over 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers (and 15 thousand became disabled) who were defending their motherland in Eastern Ukraine, as well as 298 passengers and crew members of the Malaysia Boeing (using Russian “Buk”-system, No. 332 of the Russian 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade). Also, Putin like a thief took 18 factories from the Donbass to Russia (equipment, technologies, leading engineers), as Hitler did it in Ukraine in 1941-43. But the Kremlin is constantly lying to the whole world that Russia should not fulfill the Minsk Agreements, because Russia is not a party to the armed conflict in the Ukrainian Donbas. Minsk Agreements makes sense only if the European Union and the United States recognize Putin's Russia as an aggressor and the main participant in the conflict, but not an “intermediary”. Putin annexed Crimea, captured part of Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, killed 13,000 Ukrainian patriots in Ukraine (and also three dozen of his opponents around the world) and now brazenly says to the whole world: "Let's negotiate."

Just imagine, Misters Western Leaders: PUTINOID burst into your house, killed your children, raped your wife, mauled you and expel out to the yard, and tells you through the window of your house: "Let's arrange on how we together will exist Let's arrange on how we together will exist peacefully."


Today, Russia is covered in numerous Western sanctions, which it demonstrative ignores. (Unfortunately, these sanctions are mainly “on a paper”. In reality, the US Treasury did not impose any significant sanctions. First, real the US foreign direct investment (FDI) in Russia is about $ 40 billion (mainly through Cyprus and other offshores), and also 15 billion dollars are invested by America in Russian government bonds - UNCTAD data. Secondly, the US Treasury Department withdrew from sanctions the most important components: the Russian government bonds, ruble bonds of the federal loan (BFL), FDI, oil trading, SWIFT system, etc.) That is why the Kremlin so vehemently supports President D. Trump (at the same time, I am sure that there was no "collusion of D. Trump with the Kremlin" and could not be, since D. Trump is not fundamentally capable for any "collusions" with anyone) - because re-election of D. Trump is the only chance for Dictator Putin and his bandit regime to extend their comfortable existence around the world!

But, even so, what do the legal formulations of these sanctions mean?That's what:All political leadership of Russia is actually declared a criminal organization. This accusation is the similar of a part of the Nuremberg Trials charge regarding Hitler's government: “Criminals who took over the state, and turned the state into an instrument of their crimes.”

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