Mikhail Krasnyansky

The Real anti-Kremlin Sanctions

Today, Russia is covered in numerous Western sanctions, which Kremlin demonstrative ignores. Unfortunately, these sanctions are mainly “on a paper”. In reality, the US Treasury (and EU and UK all the more) did not impose any significant sanctions.Anti-Kremlin sanctions should be implemented primarily within America, EU, and UK - not Russia.Here are the real sanctions that are needed:

To prohibit the US,  UK, and EU to buy Russian oil and gas(so, in January 2021, Russia exported 20 million barrels of oil to the USA, almost like Mexico - 23 million barrels);

To ban the US, EU,and UK direct investment (FDI) into Russia;

To prohibit operations with Russian ruble bonds of the federal loan, other government bonds;

To disconnect Russia from SWIFT;to freeze the assets and operations of large Russian banks: Sberbank, VEB, VTB,  Gazprombank;

To expel from the US, EU,and UK all identified Russian spies (diplomats, specialists, students, etc.); dismiss all identified the US and EU officials who "informally" (i.e. for bribes) cooperate with Kremlin; identify and bring to justice all citizens of the USA, EU, and UK, recruited by the Kremlin;

To close all Russian consulates in the US, EU, and UK, tough limit the staff of Russian embassies to full parity with the staff of the embassies in Moscow from each EU country, USA and UK*;

         To ban and close all Russian trade and other "representative offices", all "associations", "cultural societies", all deceitful Kremlin multi-lingual media, and other spy and propaganda Kremlin centers in the US, EU, and UK**;

To Identify and seize through the court all the money and assets (especially hidden through offshores and figureheads) of the Kremlin Mafia in the USA, EU, and UK; America and the EU and UK must stop being a safe and comfort place for dirty Kremlin money(according to many estimates, about a trillion dollars belonging to the Kremlin mafia are stored there);

To cancel any visas for all Russian citizens in the USA, EU, and the UK and to stop issue any new visas for Russia citizens (most of any visitors from Russia to the US, UK and EU  cooperate with Russian intelligence services; the majority of students from Russia in the USA, EU, and UK universities are children of the Kremlin elite or people close to it who hate Western democracy);

And finally, I am advising: Do not conclude or sign with Mr. Putin any International Treaties and Agreements, since he does not comply with them. Moreover, he despises those who comply with them and considers them LOSERS. Here is list of the International Treaties which Mr. Putin violates:

The UN Charter; Helsinki Act of 1975; The Paris Charter of 1990; Budapest Memorandum of 1994; The Intermediate-Range Nuclear-Forces Treaty of 1987; International Convention on the Prohibition of the Financing of Terrorism; Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act, 1991; WTO rules; The Montreux Convention; The Olympic Charter; the International Courts' decisions; others.


The legal formulations of these sanctions must mean: All political leadership of Russia is actually declared a criminal organization. This accusation must be similar to a part of the Nuremberg Trials charge regarding Hitler's government: “Criminals who took over the state, and turned the state into an instrument of their crimes.”***


*)Each Russian embassy or consulate abroad is a snake nest of not only spies, but saboteurs and murderers.  For example,  about 200 Kremlin spies work in Germany under diplomatic cover at the Russian embassy in Berlin, as well as at the consulates general in Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Bonn. Also, the huge Russian embassies in the Czech Republic and Ireland (in Ireland,  Russia is increasing it 5 times) serve as espionage and sabotage bases against Western Europe. Also, Russian Intelligence Services through Russian embassies are gross suppliers of heavy drugs to Europe and the United States, cooperating closely with the leadership of the Afghan Taliban (heroin) and the military elite of Venezuela (cocaine).

**) The “Russian World Foundation”, funded by the Kremlin and headed by K. Kosachiov, a diplomat and officer of the Russian Intelligence Services, has branches in the US, in almost all European countries and in many countries of Asia and South America, where "Russian World" actively and freely conducts pro-Russian and anti-Western propaganda. Russian “Trade missions” abroad (they are located in more than 100 countries) are, in fact, Russian espionage centers. "Rossotrudnichestvo" (the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States - a subdivision of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Intelligence Services, it is represented in 81 countries by 96 missions) - is a Kremlin propagandist and a center for recruiting spies among Western citizens, as well as "World Congress of Compatriots" (supervised by the Russian Foreign Ministry and Foreign Intelligence Service). The Berlin-based “Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute” (the founder is the Kremlin protege Vladimir Yakunin) and “Gorchakov Fund” (with its "Potsdam Meetings") - are Russian spy centers. “The Russian Centers of Science and Culture” (the biggest are:  in France (Paris, Rue Boissière), in Germany (Berlin, Friedrichstrasse), in the USA (Washington, Phelps Place), in Italy (Roma, Piazza Benedetto Cairoli,etc.) are fully managed by the Russian intelligence service; the similar is and “Anti-globalization Movement of Russia” (AGMR) donates money from the Kremlin for support of secession movements worldwide (AGMR is actively working in 32 foreign states, including the USA, UK, Poland, Germany, Italy, France - through their non-governmental organizations and movements). European NGO "Global Rights of Peaceful People" (chief Oleg Muzyka), "Foundation for the Environment in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" are a Kremlin propaganda and subversive organizations based in Germany. The similar is Center for Eastern European and International Studies (ZOiS); the same - "Russian Youth of America", led by the Russian Embassy in the USA, and its leader Igor Kochan.  Also - Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA) and its "member of the senate" Julia Berg, Kremlin emissary.Also, the Russian international Center for combat and special training "Wolf" trains young people of Europe for future riots and insurgencies and, actually, this “Wolf” is a branch of the Russian "GRU" (Intelligence Services of Russia). Wolf branches officially operate in the EU and NATO countries: Germany (Berlin, Singen), Italy (Turin), Switzerland (Zurich), Hungary (Budapest), Greece (Patras), and also in Serbia (Belgrade).  Also, false Kremlin multi-lingual channels “Russia Today” (dirty RT Deutsch is very popular in East Germany) and “Sputnik”, as well as the Kremlin projects “News Front”, “Russia Insider”, “USA Really”, “Ruptly Agency” (Germany), New Eastern Outlook, Oriental Review,, RIA FAN - must be completely and everywhere closed and banned.

    ***)The Russian GRU and SVR - The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (probably, it is its divisions 29155 and 74455) - carried out murders and terrorist and cyber-attacks in the USA and Europe for many years by direct order from President Putin. The terrorist activities of the Kremlin are especially clearly seen in the UK: MI-5 detected Russian trace in death of several people associated with exposure of the Kremlin financial mafia in Great Britain: Stephen Curtis, Stephen Moss, Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko, Alexander Perepilichny and Scot Young were among the murdered; others include Gareth Williams, Stephen Curtis, Stephen Moss, Badri Patarkatsishvili, Igor Ponomarev, Daniel McGrory, Paul Joal, Mikus Alps, Matthew Puncher, Yuri Golubev, Nikolay Glushkov (he was killed on the second attempt), and Sergei  Skripal (he is survivor). Also, by order of the Kremlin, were killed: ZelimkhanYandarbiyev (in Qatar), Umar Izmaylov (in Austria), Mikhail Lesin (in the USA),  E. Gebrev (in Bulgaria), Karl-Erivan Haub and ZelimkhanKhangoshvili (in Germany).  The Russian hacker groups - Cozy Bear, Fancy Bear, APT28, Guccifer 2.0, Snake (also known as Turla), Sandworm, Berserk Bear, Dragonfly (or Energetic Bear), REvil, DarkSide, Internet Research Agency (IRA, chief is Ye.Prigozhin) - attacked hundreds of targets in the US and Europe. The USA and EU should have long since made of Russian GRU and SVR - on the list of terrorist organizations.


P.S. The relationship [Russia-West] is well illustrated by the situation with the leader of the Russian opposition, Navalny, who was poisoned by “Novichok” (the well-known "KGB poison"). Kremlin’s dictator V. Putin told French President Macron in a Sept. 14, 2020 phone call about Navalny: "The dissident could have taken the poison himself” (by "Le Monde"). Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov officially declared that Navalny had been poisoned in Germany or while he flew to Berlin for treatment. A similar devilish lie was earlier with the poisoning of Skripals by "Novichok" in Salisbury and even earlier with the poisoning of Litvinenko in London where the Kremlin used Polonium-210. When Navalny returned to Russia, he was immediately convicted and imprisoned - and this was done exactly by his killers! These defiant and provocativeactions by the Kremlin should be understood as follows: "We poison and kill whoever we want and where we want. And we don't care about the West opinion."But the reality is even worse. Putin is building “The World Russian Reich”. One of Putin's bandits (A. Boroday) declared: "The borders of the Russian World and Orthodox Christianity are much wider than the borders of the Russian Federation." It couldn't say better!However, the heads of Western Governments (especially European states) still believe that it is possible to reach agreement at least on something with Kremlin terrorists, who cynically juggle such dirty and insane lies. In fact, they openly scoff at Western leaders and spit in their faces. Shame you all, the Western Leaders! PUTIN IS A MONSTER WHO FEEDS BY YOUR FEARS.


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