Mikhail Krasnyansky, PhD, retired professor

The Bloody Second Amendment

This is a huge national tragedy about 30,000 Americans are killed with firearms each year in the USA (including suicides). The number of Americans who lost lives by gun violence since 2000 up to 2019 (for 20 years excluding suicide statistics) is about 200,000, including thousands of children and teenagers. Is it normal when 200,000 Americans die by gunshot death without a war? No, it is a shock! No paragraph of the US Constitution can be used to justify the massacre of US citizens.

In 2020, 19,300 people died from armed violence in the USA and considering suicides, there were 43 thousand victims. You can list them by name. But can you list the names of 19,300 criminals killed in the US in 2020 in self-defense? You cannot! There are no these thousands of criminals, or hundreds, or even tens! Because the slogan "The US population needs weapons to defend against criminals" is a big and false myth!

It is the simple question: How did it happen that the US Supreme Court turned three simple words in the US Constitution “a well regulated Militia” into a death sentence for thousands of civilian Americans annually? If we write down the 2nd Amendment in accordance with today's situation regarding to firearms, then the Second Amendment should look like this: “A poorly regulated law for any firearms and any persons, including psychopaths, criminals, and the white nazi and also any automatic, rapid-fire, multi-chargerifles for them.”


Colt Army 1860

Winchester Model 1873

Fig. 1. Firearms of the 2nd half of the 18th century for which was created the 2nd Amendmen

Riffle AR-15

The assault-style rifles did not exist when the 2nd Amendment was written and approved (see Fig. 1), and therefore it is a good question: can the 2nd Amendment be automatically extended for AR-15 (at least based on concept "Originalism in Constitutional Interpretation") - see Fig. 2. Otherwise, we can allow the sale of Javelin FGM-148 also! But soon there can be newest types of deadly firearms, for example, laser firearm with a rate of fire of 10,000 rounds per minute. Can all buyers buy it without problems too?

But soon there can be newest types of deadly firearms, for example, laser. Can all buyers buy it without problems too? I.e., where is the limit of distribution of the 2nd Amendment to any modern firearms?

Moreover, when considering the “Heller's case” the US Supreme Court focusing on the word "people", didn't clarify the meaning of the words “a well regulated”. But expanding the right to keep and carry weapons to all US citizens does not cancel the formula "a well regulated". But after all, the words “a well regulated” at all times of human civilization, including the time of the US Founding Fathers, meant chances of CHECKING, REGISTRATION and MANAGEMENT.)

The “gun lobby” and NRA leadership constantly lies that the “Gun control” movement wants to “repeal the 2nd Amendment”, "disarm Americans", and “take away freedom from the US people”. But in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, all tough rules for firearms are working, but with Freedom and Democracy everything is all right there, and there are 5-15 times fewer gunshot killings! (Piers Morgan to D. Trump during the interview for ITV: “You know, in Britain we have 35 gun deaths a year. In America, today, there'll be 85. Tomorrow 85 and so on.”) Or another lie: «License guns are like cars, there are many accidents on the roads too.» But car crush are always a tragic contingency, and mass shootings are always a criminal act. There is nothing in common!

In reality, “Gun control” movement just wants:

1) The ban of the sale and storage of assault-style weapons (automatic, semi-automatic, multi-charged) and the possibility of redemption from the population of all assault weapons (following the example of New Zealand).

2) The ban on accumulating in the family any "firepower" (more than 2 weapons per member of family over 21).

3) In-depth verification of buyers (and present owners) of firearms; the mandatory "delayed" acquisition of arms 1 month.

4) Prohibition of the sale of any firearms for persons representing a potential danger to society (mental instability, a tendency to violence, etc.); the seizure (through the court) of all weapons from the similar persons.

5) The ban the sale of firearms over the Internet and "hand sale".

6) Creation of an all-American computer database of firearms owners.

As a person with an army rank of lieutenant, I assert: such a powerful and reliable weapon as the six-charged “Ruger” and “Smith & Wesson” or, all the more, ten-charged “Colt” is fully enough for self-defense.

The San Francisco city government has formally labelled the pro-gun lobbyist National Rifle Association (NRA) a "domestic terrorist organization" (September 2019). Well, the NRA leadership gives motives to such statements. For example, the NRA leadership with coarse pressure and threats is constantly trying to silence its critics. So, the NRA leader Mr. North appeared with criticize student activists who have been pushing for gun control and said that the NRA was the victim of “civil terrorism” (i.e., according to North, the terrorists are not those who shoot students, but those who criticize the NRA!) Also, the NRA, in fact, protects and lobbies the interests of the Mexican criminals: when, several years ago, ATF has implemented a rule requiring dealers in the border states to report to the ATF multiple sales of assault rifles, the NRA called it "foul" and backed a lawsuit to get the rule overturned (i.e. acted for benefit of the Mexican criminals and drug mafia!)

In 1995, the NRA sent out hysterical letters asking for fundraising, in which referring to federal agents as “jack-booted government thugs” who want to take Americans’ guns. After reading and listening to the NRA’s hysterics, Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, which was the office of ATF Bureau with these agents, killing 168 people.

Mexican police say almost all criminal skirmishes in Mexico are carried out with US firearms. The illegal sale of weapons from the USA to Mexico (more than 100,000 units/year) has a turnover of billions of dollars annually. Illegal American weapons kill tens of thousands of Mexicans every year. It’s interesting, and who is managing the giant smuggling of firearms from the USA to Mexico with impunity? Maybe, these are some of the guys who shout the loudest about the 2nd Amendment?

Alas, there currently is no computerized National Gun Registry in the United States (the photo, address, ID number, fingerprints, criminal and "behavior" records, other). Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people and injured 500, kept 23 unit firearms in his hotel room and another 24 - in his house as well he bought some thousands of cartridges. If the police could see the monstrous amount of his “military purchases” (in National Gun Registry), they would have prevented this massacre as well as hundreds other firearm-massacres. This is why gun control is needed including National Gun Registry!

Connor Betts, who killed 9 and wounding 27 people in 2019 in Dayton, Ohio, previously posted on the school toilet a list of classmates whom he wants to “kill, rape and peel.” However, he was legally sold an assault-style .223-caliber high-capacityrifle with 100-round magazines. This is a shame for a civilized country!

In April 2021, Brandon Hole, 19, kill eight people at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis. Year ago, police checked his mental health and confiscated his shotgun after his mother calling. Authorities didn’t seek a “red-flag hearing” because they knew they would lose the case in court (under the state law, officials have only 48 hours to file an affidavit in a case and just two weeks to prove their position). I.e., an American with a weapon, even a half-mad, is protected by US laws much better than a law-abiding American without a weapon.

The NRA's leaders proposed to arm teachers in schools: "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun." But it is complete nonsense: even with all the professional agility of the police, Betts during 30 seconds made 41 shots! That’s why we need to ban assault-style weapons! No one policeman, all the more no one civilian don't have any reliable protection against assault-style riffles!

Thus, in today's America the deliberate monstrous distortions sense of the 2nd Amendment take place. The right to own a rapid-fire rifle in the USA still outweighs human life. There were 30 large rivers in the USA. Now one more river has been added (by Vittorio Zucconi, journalist): “The big red river that washes America with the blood of 30 thousand victims of firearms every year”. Let's call it "The Bloody River of the Gun Lobby"!