Mikhail Krasnyansky

The U.S. Security and Defense Problems

I would like to convince any Western politician thatAmerica (and NATO) are not ready for a war with Russia, all the more–for a war with [Russia+China]. Today's American Armed Forces don’t have the experience of a large-scale “ground” war with the enemy army equal (or close) in numbers, firepower and technical equipment. For example, the US Armed Forces have no experience of war under the constant electronic suppression of own means of guidance and communications by the enemy army (including the use of jammers for satellite signals and the generation of false GPS signals); has no experience of military operations under constant intensive bombardment by powerful multiple rocket launcher systems; American military aviation do not have experience in air combat with enemy aircraft close to them in military characteristics such as Russian SU-57 and MiG-35 and also do not have experience counteracting modern air defense systems, such as the Russian S-500. In addition, Russia regularly holds military exercises with the participation of more than 100 thousand military, and NATO – 5-10 thousand only. (For example: "Vostok-2018" Russian military exercises: about 300 thousand Russian military personnel, more than 1 thousand planes, helicopters and drones, up to 36 thousand tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, up to 80 ships and support vessels were involved; Russian-China military exercises "Center-2019": in total, 128 thousand militaries and more than 20 thousand units of military equipment took part in the exercises.) Therefore, for military deterrence of Putin’s Russia, America must create modernized nuclear weapon including creating of hypersonic rockets with super-powerful nuclear (or even thermonuclear) charges of 100, 200 and even 500 megatons of trotyl, because Mr. Putin understands the "language of nuclear megatons" ONLY (so, Russia has developed the newest 100-megaton monster torpedo "Poseidon" to destroy the USA). And one more thing: the huge, clumsy, and super-expensive American aircraft carriers, are excellent targets for Russian and Chinese missiles and torpedoes, and they are completely unsuitable for 21st century wars in the triangle USA-Russia-China. And note: for America and the EU, the most valuable thing is the life of a soldier, but for Putin the cost of a Russian soldier is 1 ruble/kg, no more!

There is no clear understanding in the White House that the Army of 21st century will look like this: soldiers will be replaced by combatant mini-robots; military tanks will be replaced by robotic armor-machines; military aviation will be replaced by hordes of combatant dronesequipped with hypersonic missiles; navy will be replaced by self-driving mini-corvettes and mini-submarines. Therefore, a military division will consist of 10,000 combatant mini-robots, 2,000 self-operating armored platforms equipped with laser and electromagnetic weapons, 500 combatant drones, plus 50 cyber-attacking quantum computers.

In addition, the endless shameful “political war” between elites of the two leading US parties - the Republican and the Democratic (and their active supporters) - destabilizes and weakens America, slows down (sometimes for years) the adoption of urgently needed decisions, including these related to the US security.

Also, any Western politician must be aware and remember that one cannot put any faith in any promise made by Putin including any international Agreements signed by Putin; moreover, in Putin's opinion, only LOSERS observe international Agreements, and he despises such losers.

It is importantto take into account the USA does not have reliable protection against Russian "military hackers". So, in December 2020, Russian military hackers breached the most important security objects of the U.S. government; this attack was called “cyber Pearl Harbor”. And this means that Mr. Putin has crossed the nominal line of the "cold war" - this is already a REAL WAR (this is what a declaration of war looks like in the 21st century!).

The Kremlin has been “training” the USA and NATO for several years, working out “a conditioned reflex of capitulation” to the Kremlin’s readiness for unlimited escalation of military aggression: Georgia (Abkhazia and S. Ossetia), Ukraine (Crimea and Donbass), Moldova (Transnistria), Syria, Venezuela, Libya, Cuba (acoustic attack) where America and NATO was forced to silently admit defeat. In fact, Mr. Putin many times and in different forms loudly declared to the West the following: “I'm going to win a war with you and put you on your knees, despite the fact that Russia is inferior to you in all parameters. Because I have one decisive advantage before you: attacking you, I REALLY am ready to use nuclear weapons, but you are not ready. I am ready to kill hundreds of thousands or millions of own and foreign citizens cold-bloodedly, but you are not. Therefore, you will retreat and capitulate.” Putin is a monster who feeds on your fears.