Mikhail Krasnyansky, PhD, retired professor

“Ecological safety”. Textbook. 177 pages

Mikhail Krasnyansky. “Ecological safety”. Textbook. 177 pages.

(Ukrainian language)

The textbook is appropriated for degree of bachelor or master for any engineering specializations especially in sphere of ecology. Contains detailed and deep qualitative and quantitative description and specification of the advanced technologies regarding ecological safety. It contains a lot of tables, illustrations, and also examples of calculations.

Main sections of the book: Biosphere structure; Main sources of negative impact on the environment; Climate change; Ecology of housing and office rooms; Ecology and humanity health; State system of ecological safety; Calculations of maximum-permissible concentration and maximum-permissible emissions of dangerous substances and calculations of the sanitary protection zones; Economics mechanism of ecological safety; Nature protection technologies; Emergency situations; Ecology and Christian moral.

ISBN 978-617-7582-88-4

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