Mikhail Krasnyansky, PhD, retired professor

“Energy saving”. Textbook. 134 pages

Mikhail Krasnyansky. “Energy saving”. Textbook. 134 pages

(Ukrainian language)

The textbook is appropriated for degree of bachelor or master for any engineering specializations especially in sphere of ecology. Contains detailed and deep assessment of the advanced achievements of energy saving and renewable energy (WWS – wind, water, sunlight) and also the latest global trends and researches in this sphere. It contains a lot of tables, illustrations, and also examples of calculations.

Main sections of the book: World balance of energy; Decrease of power consumption through modernization of technologies for industry, habitation, transport; Utilization of secondary energy resources (combustible wastes, lost energy fluxes, others); Renewable energy; "Green" transportation; Eco-friendly nuclear power as alternative to fossil fuel; Energy-saving's economy; 4th and 5th Technological Revolutions.

ISBN 978–617–7582–89–1

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